Not a Misprint: '81 Ford Durango, For All Your Fox-Body Pickup Needs

The Ford fanatics among us might be aware of this very special Fox-body Fairmont variant, but it’s a rare bird nonetheless. And it’s for sale! There were less than 200 of these built by National Coach Corporation, which hacked up a perfectly decent Fairmont Futura delivered from the factory and surgically enhanced the clean, timeless lines with a fiberglass pickup bed, including a tailgate that incorporated the sweet stock tailights. Ford intended the Durango to replace the venerable Torino-based Ranchero. As is probably obvious by the obscurity of the trucklet, that didn’t quite happen. Less than 200 were built. Considering the last Durango in recent memory was advertised for an eye-watering $24,000, this one seems like a steal at $8900! It’d be the perfect support vehicle for a LeMons team running any Reagan-era Ford. Craigslist Go HERE if the ad disappears.

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