The new Subaru F.U.C.K.S edition

This year’s 2020 Singapore Motor Show is in full swing. Like us, you may have never heard of the Singapore Motor Show. Get ready to fall in love though because there’s a new model from out there you need to see. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Subaru Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition, or simply the Subaru F.U.C.K.S.

The F.U.C.K.S. is a special performance version of the Forester. It features a lowered ride height and 20-inch Enkei wheels. The interior gets the STI treatment along with a rear seat entertainment system and pumping audio system. No word on actual engine performance upgrades, sadly. They don’t fucks with that information, I guess.

Many Subaru owners will likely claim that this is the most appropriate name for a new model. So if y’all yell loud enough, perhaps Subaru of America will bring the F.U.C.K.S. to the market here.

We all sure could use a F.U.C.K.S. Fuck yeah.

[Source: Top Gear Philippines ]

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  1. As an OEM Subaru clearly doesn’t give any so it’s nice that the aftermarket stepped in to fill the gap.

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