The New Bentley Continental GT: Good has Become Excellent

This is the newest Bentley Continental GT and it finally feels… special.

The prior version was a fancy Volkswagen. This car is not that. Instead, it’s a truly luxurious, powerful, and gorgeous Grand Touring beast of a machine. And this isn’t even the most powerful one!

What we have here is the twin-turbocharged V8 Continental GT instead of the locomotive-like W12. Is it still worth all that coin? Yup. This new Bentley Continental GT is excellent.

[Disclaimer: Bentley tossed us the keys to its Continental GT and included a tank of fuel. My net worth was temporarily raised while I had it, then came crashing back down when it went away.]

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2 responses to “The New Bentley Continental GT: Good has Become Excellent”

  1. William Byrd Avatar

    That thing is pretty impressive now. I was only a semi-fan before, that does seem like a whole new thing.

  2. Mobes Avatar

    It’s finally graceful. The last one was way too far on the Chrysler 300 side of things IMO.

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