Name That Part: Bulk Parts Edition

Seems like everything is available in bulk nowadays. As evidenced by Girls Gone Wild.
Seems like everything is available in bulk nowadays. As evidenced by Girls Gone Wild.

In the last Name That Part, we gave you a generous helping of hints, and the brass ring was so narrowly missed by udman, then finally snagged by VeeArrSix.
As udman pointed out, FDR’s car of choice was a Pierce Arrow; was it because of its luxurious appointments? Its style? Its elegance? The headlights set into the fenders rather than beside it? No, it’s because it was heavily armoured, and designed to fit perfectly inside his top secret armoured rail car. His private secret entrance to the Waldorf Astoria in New York City was also built around the dimensions of his armoured Pierce Arrow. Why all the secrecy? Ironically, not because of the assassination attempts; it was because he was paralyzed from the waist down, and it was felt that this needed to be kept a secret from the American public. Now, they’re using similar techniques with Barack Obama to prevent the southern states from finding out that Obama is black.
On to today’s Name That Part!
We’re taking a totally different approach today. I don’t have a back story with hints, or some creative tie-in. All I have for you is the story behind this photo. As I wandered through a Princess Auto a few days ago, I stumbled across a collection of bins that made me laugh out loud. There were no labels, no defining characteristics, no information provided about them whatsoever; and inside, there were just random piles of what appeared to be automotive parts. Above each… uh… pile? was a small tag with a price on it. If you looked closely, all it read was some variation on “Bulk Parts, $9.99 ea”.
Bulk parts. How freakin’ cool is that? What parts? Don’t know, don’t care. You want ’em, you buy em. Up next, peanut vendors wandering the streets with random parts. “PARTS! Get yer piping-hot PARTS here! Hot ‘n’ salted!”
So your challenge here: Figure out what it is, what it belongs to, and PROVE it, because honestly, I’m not entirely sure what they are either. I know what they’re not, in some cases, but outside of that, you’ll have to prove that you’re right.
Ready? GO!
Looks a bit like something off a bad model kit.
Looks a bit like something off a bad model kit.

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20 responses to “Name That Part: Bulk Parts Edition”

  1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    It's the body of a dual-stick-type R/C controller.

  2. CptSevere Avatar

    Whatever it is, I can see myself breaking it by overtorqueing the Phillips head screws that attach it to wherever it goes. Or stripping the ones that thread into it. It snaps together, so I'd also destroy it by trying to unsnap it to fix it. I'm hell on parts like this. That's all I can tell you about it.

  3. joshuman Avatar

    This could be the backside of a tail light bulb holder. There are spots for four bulbs. Two reds, a blinker and a reverse/fog. You can see the pins for the contact circuit board thingy at the top of each of the rounds.

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      That's a hell of a lot of ribs for something that holds lighbulbs, but I could see it.

  4. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    It looks like the cover of the Blu-Ray drive on this damn PS3 I am trying to fix myself… DAMN YOU EBAY-PURCHASED LASER! WORK!!!

  5. PowerTryp Avatar

    After working in a parts dept. for over 2 years makes me want to ask important questions like "Are there any #'s on it?" but you said no clues so I'm screwed.

  6. engineerd Avatar

    It's the auto-leveling headlight motors for high-end VAG vehicles. It's also used for "I thought Hooniverse wasn't going to flamebait with politics" neutralizers. Sorry, Dearthair. I had to call you on that.
    Have a good Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you and yours have something (anything) to be thankful for. Even if it is just surviving another year. Eat too much. Drink too much. Sleep it off during the Lions game.
    For our Canadian friends who already celebrated Thanksgiving, enjoy the smells of turducken wafting up from North Dakota.

    1. PowerTryp Avatar

      Enjoy your Turkey and I will stick with my traditional American thanksgiving corndog.

      1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

        Damn right…! The corndogs in our freezer are made with turkey franks, after all…

    2. Deartháir Avatar

      You're right, I suppose that was a bit of a political flamebait. I thought of it as more of a generic cheap-shot-at-the-Deep-South joke, but it can be taken either way. I'll be a little more careful in the future, and direct any future political jokes directly at the Republicans where they belong. 😉

  7. ptschett Avatar

    No idea what it is, but it's always fun for me to look at a closeup of injection molded plastic parts like that. These designers knew what they were doing. It seems to be something meant to be buried away from prying eyes, and the two modules appear identical so it doesn't matter which is left and which is right. (If not for that I'd have guessed a gauge cluster.) I like headlight adjuster but I'm not convinced the units are sufficiently sealed to handle the potential salt spray in that application, so I'm thinking climate control blend door motors or perhaps seat adjuster motors.

  8. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Climate control vent motors. To what, i have no idea.

  9. ptschett Avatar

    On a second look, I spy a distinctive corporate logo hiding as blue outlines in the recessed rectangles. EATON made them, right here in the USA.

  10. Alff Avatar

    Window regulator – Subaru SVX

  11. Ava Davis Avatar

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  12. Samuel Johnson Avatar

    Alysson Hannigan is cute and funny in “how i met your mother” tv series’:-

  13. Feds_II Avatar

    I keep trying to guess the part, but all I can see is a fat girl's torso.

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