Name that engine: IPT edition


Unlike Deartháir and his convoluted and somewhat demented “name that engine/part/countertop” I am not giving anything away.  Just don’t stare at it too long.  And see your doctor if you have IPT lasting for more than 4 hours.

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  1. muthalovin Avatar

    That's no moon…

  2. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

    Its a next generation Flux Capacitor

  3. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

    That engine's name is Satan.

  4. BrianTheHoon Avatar

    Is there a rotary under all that gofast? I've been staring at it so long the image is blurring.

    1. MarionCobretti Avatar

      That's what I thought at first, since the bit of it that seems to be the actual engine is so short. But there are plenty of things to indicate it's not a rotary, at least of the Mazda variety. No one hangs a supercharger off the front of one, the induction and exhaust would both be on the other side, and there'd be ignition components over here (plugs, wires, and the like, which that oil filter seems to be partially in the way of). Plus, it lacks the distinct "sections" that you'll see with a rotary's separate housings.
      I don't know what it is, but I'd like to hear it run.

      1. Tanshanomi Avatar

        I thought Wankel at first two, then went down the same path you did in your reasoning. There seems to be 3 intake runners, so I am going to guess some sort of 3-cyl blown diesel.
        Is that a big electric motor hanging off the back of it? If so, it would have to be a blown, triple-cylinder, hybrid, perhaps FWD or AWD
        …which really doesn't help me all that much.

        1. MarionCobretti Avatar

          Yep. Three intake runners is really weird. Then I thought "Of course, it's a built, blown, backyard hybrid 3-cylinder Geo Metro/Suzuki Swift motor!" It's the ultimate sleeper engine. Who, other than perhaps the Admiral from a few posts up, is going to see it coming?

        2. P161911 Avatar

          I was thinking mid engined RWD, not FWD. Could be AWD though. I'd say Wankel too, just for the lack of obvious valve covers.

  5. engineerd Avatar

    It looks eerily similar to the twincharged engine of the Lancia Delta S4.

      1. P161911 Avatar

        You are right. I found the image source:

        1. MarionCobretti Avatar

          Also available for sale on the site containing the image source? Joe Stalin's 1949 ZIS. Now that would be a hell of a car to own!

          1. Alff Avatar

            Chances are, the fluids have already been purged.

    1. MarionCobretti Avatar

      Wow. I had no idea what one of those looked like, but I'd say you're danged close, if not right. I wish I could find a picture of one out of the car.

  6. scroggzilla Avatar

    Chuck Norris's hair dryer?

    1. engineerd Avatar

      Chuck Norris doesn't need a hair dryer. His hair roundhouse kicks the water droplets off each strand.

  7. dwegmull Avatar

    Drive train from a Koenisgegggggg?

  8. dustin_driver Avatar


  9. P161911 Avatar

    Random superchargers, starters, valve covers, oil filters, gear boxes and AN fittings. It isn't an engine it is ART.

    1. Jo_Schmo Avatar

      ART indeed, wait till you see what gets wrapped around it

  10. discontinuuity Avatar

    I'll guess either some flavor of Mazda rotary or a Saab 900 turbo motor converted to a supercharger.

  11. James Avatar

    looks like a built Cummins N14 or other large tractor-trailor motor.

  12. Juliet C. Avatar
    Juliet C.

    I'm guessing some sort of aircraft APU?

  13. JeepyJayhawk Avatar
  14. toyotadiesel Avatar

    I'm going to guess some VW 3 cylinder thats intended for something really weird.
    As it appears to have an output for CV's under the supercharger, and some other transmission at the back.
    I say that its a piston engine, not an turbine or apu because of the starter

  15. whitey Avatar

    It is definitely not a Wankel. I DD an '85 RX-7 during the summer months. There are no plugs on this side of the motor. Intake and exhaust should both be concentrated on the other side of the block. None of the rotaries have their starters mounted like that.
    That being said, this drivetrain is out of an AWD car, with the front driveshaft going through the engine block/sump. You can see where the half shafts connect to the diff in front of the engine, plus there is a transmission sitting behind the engine. What it is out of is beyond me. I'm thinking maybe a Group B car from the 1980's?

  16. dmilligan Avatar

    I'm guessing it's a V-6 formula one engine & tranny. Dunno which breed.

  17. dragon951 Avatar

    I'm gonna go for something random and most likely wrong. I'm gonna say its a 120 degree V6, possibly to to with a Dino 156.

  18. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

    2-stroke diesel would be my guess.

  19. krazykarguy Avatar

    The timing belt cover looks like a Subaru EJ20/EJ25. Some sort of flat-four or six?

  20. nofrillls Avatar

    Are there cylinders in that thing or did someone just weld a giant ray gun and a huge supercharger into the middle of a transmission?
    Stumped I am.

  21. Jo_Schmo Avatar

    I still think it's a small block 350…

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      It's definitely not a Cadillac 356 flathead. You called that one, and I owe you a beer on that whenever we get together.

  22. Goingincirclez Avatar

    Wait, isn't that thing mere standard issue out of the ACME catalog? Wile E. Coyote tested it in the salt flats…

  23. KillerZomBee Avatar

    That's a healthy dose of "HOLY CRAP!!"

  24. damnelantra™[!] Avatar

    hyundai theta 2.0?