Name that car

As I was meandering through the classifieds I stumbled upon this little gem.  After an exhaustive 5-minute search of the interwebs I found but a single site with information on this car.  A paragraph actually, so very little is known about it.  I figured I would turn it over to you Hoons and see what you come up with.  I photoshopped MS Painted over the badges to make it more challenging.  Ready? Go!


  1. If it has a centrifugal clutch like the Freeway, maybe it's worn out or contaminated, leading to slipping and/or jamming. Freeways didn't have reverse (though some owners have modified them), so I'm not sure what the seller means by a "reverser" but my guess is something like an auxiliary starter motor set up to run the chain drive backwards. Sadly he provided no pics of the drivetrain.

  2. A Minikin, eh?
    Not knowing better, I would have assumed this vehicle was the tormented spawn that would be the lovechild of a Mini Moke and a Messerschmitt KR175.
    …or perhaps a Meyers Manx was the milkman.

  3. It's all I can do with keeping up with several car.blogs and periodic eBay searches for the one or two cars I might need to buy in the near future. I'll even check out eBay's "Other Makes" every so often just to check in. But how the heck can I keep up with y'all who monitor the entirety of Craigslist, plus eBay's Other Vehicles & Trailers > Other category? (shrug)

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