Mystery Car Revealed

Well, once again it didn’t take long, proving that the Hooniverse commenters save inane car knowledge in the same way Howard Hughes saved urine. The answer to today’s Mystery Car was almost hit by Armand4, but Alff got the bullseye with the complete name, which is Meyers Manx SR2.

The SR2, designed by Bruce Meyers and Stewart Reed, was an attempt at a shape that wouldn’t be as easy to rip-off as had been Meyers’ original Manx dune buggy. Only built for about a year, the SR2 rode on a shortened VW pan, just like its raw oyster of a ancestor, although offering a richer buffet of ammenities. That was back in 1970, making the Manx a car with Lambo doors, 4 years before any Lambo had them. You can still find the targa-topped fiberglass beauties rolling around, and as kits go, these are some of the most cool.

Good work guys!

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