Mystery Car

If you’re even half-way familiar with the history of the JFK assassination, then you likely know about something called the Zapruder Film. That’s a piece of amateur footage that some say shows a puff of smoke from a grassy knoll along the motorcade’s path which supposedly calls into question Lee Harvey Oswald’s infamous but noteworthy marksmanship.

That film has been analyzed by damn-near every conspiracy theorist and Dogma 95 auteur for its veracity and it is my hope that you will undertake the same scrutiny in your appraisal of today’s Mystery Car candidate. That’s because for probably the first time, I’m giving you the entire image to peruse, albeit an image of just a small part of whatever this thing might be. And while I can assure you Jackie O never adjusted her pillbox hat in this car, it does hail from the Onassis era.

As a reminder, what we are after are the make, model, year, and if you’re able to tell, the probably motivational force that likely lay beneath this candidate’s hood. If you’re ready, get to solving.

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