Mystery Car

Chevy Suburban

Today is June 1st and that means that the Rehoboth Art League’s 39th Annual Members’ Craft Exhibition is now open. Huzzah! The featured artist at this year’s event is Grant Massey of Frankford DE, whose preferred medium is copper. For those of you not fortunate enough to be visiting the Art League’s show on opening day, perhaps you would enjoy something to otherwise occupy your artistic appreciation, maybe something we like to call the Mystery Car.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, and of course with the weekly Mystery Car I try and give you as little to behold as possible. Today is an exception as the car in question is as white as a blank canvas and I thought hiding any more would make the remainder unfairly too generic. As it is, you’ll get some glass and a little bit of roof, and that should be enough considering your mad identification skills. 

Speaking of skill, one that has been sorely missing in these Mystery Car answers of late is following of the rules. We’ll give a little refresher just so we’re all clear. Just like in Clue, guesses don’t count. If your answer is followed by a question mark, no credit will be given. Also, you need to give the make, model, year-range, and whatever engine might be lurking under hood to get the full victory lap and celebratory nipple tweak. That last part is optional of course. Ok get cracking.

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