Mystery Car


Lotus Eclat

It’s May 18th, and on this day in 1980 Washington State’s volcanic Mount St Helens experienced a magnitude 5.1 earthquake and ensuing cataclysmic event. This resulted in the largest known debris avalanche in recorded history – mixing with snow and water to create volcanic lahars – flattening everything for miles and filled the Toutle and Cowlitz rivers with tons of debris.

Hopefully today will be a little less eventful. But, this also being Friday, we will shake things up with today’s Mystery Car. This one is tangentially related to the 1980 eruption in Washington, but you don’t need to come up with the connection. What you do need to provide is the make, model, engine and year, but seeing as we’re not looking for anyone to blow their stack over it, that’ll be all.

The identity of today’s Mystery Car may not be earth shattering, but hopefully determining it will be a reasonable challenge. And so, if you don’t have too much on your tectonic plate today, let’s get solving!


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