Mystery Car

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, which means that today is Star Wars day! That’s right, May the Fourth be with you. Seeing as this is such an auspicious occasion, I thought it appropriate that today’s Mystery Car should have some sort of connection to George Lucas’ epic space adventure. For todays contest I found a candidate that fits the bill, there being some fact about it that is shared with the original Star Wars film. The thing of it is though, I’m not going to tell you what that is.

That’s right, it’s a Mystery Car double header – you figure out the car (if it truly is a car) and then figure out the Star Wars connection. How hard could it be? After all many of you have shown Jedi-like mastery of automotive identification, which has led to only a few of you going to the dark side. So, give it up for today’s Mystery Car which strangly enough isn’t taking place a long time ago, in a Hooniverse far, far away.

And once again, May the Fourth be with you.

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