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In school, teachers would tell me “come to me with questions”. At first it was a bit challenging but then I learned what and how to ask. All that changed when I got a real job. My bosses would say “don’t come to with questions, come to me with solutions”. Effing upper management, they just want you to do their job for them. 
But this, my dear readers, is where my disappointment in you comes. Last week you people did not try very hard. You didn’t ask many questions. And you sure as hell did not come to me with many solutions. And that’s sad because the pictured vehicle, especially in its performance SVR trim, is rather common in areas where the children of the really affluent study. No, the pricey carbonfiber trim does not add any lightness to this 5000-pound vehicle. 
In my disappointment with you people, I have decided to give you something super easy today. To make it even easier I am including two pictures of the damn mystery car. Please try. Ask some question. Offer me some solutions. Provide the make and model and you’ll win everyone’s admiration. 

I took some pictures of this white Range Rover Sport SVR at a local press event but for the life of me I can’t find them. Cool rig, this Range Rover Sport SVR. The exhaust sounds great, has some nifty interior bits, but the exterior carbonfiber trim is a bit much. But then again, a Range Rover was never about being understated. It’s a great performance rig but it has two problems: awful infotainment system and the fact that the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk exists. 

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