Mystery Car

It’s funny how some parts of some cars look exactly alike. They could be of different brands and models, and look very different from afar, but up-close it’s much harder to tell what vehicle they’re attached to. Last week’s piece of clearly American trim has confused some of you – heck, it even made me double check my source. But in the end, Fuhrman16 came up with the right answer – Dodge Royal Monaco.
Congratulations, Mr. Fuhrman16, you are this week’s… The Person of the Moment!!
Now before you high-five and chest-bump each other, you have to solve today’s (one workday late, sorry) Mystery Car. Rules are the same as always; make and model, with extra bonus for years. Cheerio, you clever Googlers! 

Photo credits: Peter Ciani.


  1. That rear bumper (or at least what I think is a rear bumper) coupled with the side sculpting is beyond frustrating – I know it but I can’t place it! Grrrrrrr!
    1997 Dodge B2500 Van

    1. I noticed the same thing. I lean more towards some fiberglass micro-car from the ’70s.

  2. Upper left, I see the bottom of a headlight or taillight bezel, with a screw head showing. Scrapes and abrasions to the right make me think that’s the side. The profile of the bumper, or what -appears- to possibly be a bumper, is killing me. Nothing checks out so far.

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