Mystery Car

Did you know that the boiling point of silver is 2,162° Celsius? Fun fact! Today’s Mystery Car is silver, and hopefully it won’t make you boiling mad if you don’t know what it is.
Image: ©2016 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved


  1. 2000ish Qvale Mangusta, powered by a Ford 32V V8 and a lot of sports car aspiration.

      1. I’m wrong – door handles don’t match. Just saw dat ass and jumped to conclusion.

        1. Welcome to the world of low volume car manufacturing.
          And of course this car ended up, after a Peter Stevens, (McLaren F1 stylist), restyle as the last MG before the Chinese ones, the X-Power SVR with what looks like yet another set of doorhandles, (and Fiat Punto headlights & Fiat Coupe tail-lights). There were more than a few made.

          1. I’d asked Peter Stevens (thru FB) about the Qvale to MG transformation – said that they weren’t given much budget to move anything around, then management got greedy and priced it way out of it’s league.

      1. Yes, a bit cartoonish. The rear wheelarches make it look like it’s been rear-ended. Even a girl in a skimpy bikini can’t help this thing.

      2. Sir, I disagree. Like the poor wee girl posted above who apparently can’t afford trousers or a chair to sit on, the Mangusta is stubby but damn hawt.

  2. I find it very amusing that the Mangusta was based quite heavily on a vehicle that has the same letters. aMustang…

  3. Even if the Qvale Mangusta was the correct answer, I’m still going to say Zimmer Quicksilver just for the weak tie-in to the lead text.

    1. The last thing you’d expect to find propping up a Quicksilver from underneath is a Fiero.
      But there it is.

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