Mystery Car!

It’s a new year, and a new Mystery Car!, and hopefully we won’t fall into the same old routine of the contest being solved in a matter of minutes. After all, that was so last year. Today, we have a car that might not be familiar to you all, but will to a select few. That select few includes me, as I know the answer. The rest of you will need, of course, to rely on your massive capacity to recognize snippets of automotive detail, a skill that is sadly difficult to parlay into a paying advocation. That’s too bad as you could imagine how cool it would be if someone  paid you to ID cars for a living. Perhaps it would be a reclusive billionaire with an ancient collection of automotive magazines that were accidentally shredded in a wood chipper incident, needing help in piecing them back together, or recreating the photos from the tiny scraps remaining. Or, maybe it might be a top-secret government agency needing to stop a terrorist cell from world destruction and all they have to go on is a single image of a fender crease or tail lamp. Either way, you all would be rolling in it because nobody can ID cars better. And today, hopefully you’ll have your work – non-paying, of course – cut out for you. The rules haven’t changed since last year, make model and engine, and no cheating! Okay, get to work!

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