Mystery Car – 24 Hours of Lemons Edition

I have to admit – I have one more Mystery Car to post, and it’s an easy one, and that’s it. My well of weird and obscure car pictures has dried up. But you should feel free to email me some. One vehicle at a time please, state what it is because if I don’t know than the game is useless. I will likely need to crop your pics so their size should be in thousands of pixels not hundreds. 

I was browsing the book of faces and I saw this, posted by the idiots our friends at 24 Hours of Lemons. Their obvious question was “Besides a ‘Farrari,’ can you tell what it is?”

Well, can you? Make, model, and engine, please. 


  1. Well, the front end is TR7, but I can’t place the greenhouse just yet (and that, presumably would define what the car “is”)

  2. the mirrors are so huge! can’t tell what it is but sign me up for whatever 90s compact has the mirrors of an early 2000s pickup truck.

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