Mystery Car


This week’s Mystery Car is that rare occurrence when our subject is in motion. More accurately the image of it is a single static moment of the vehicle in motion. Did you know that there is a condition known as Akinetopsia, or Motion Blindness, that renders its sufferers unable to perceive motion? Hopefully none of you suffer from this affliction as it might put you at a disadvantage with today’s contest.

Of course we want a level playing field, as well as everyone fully understanding the rules of the game. Those are: makemodellikely engine and year range included in your answer to win. Okay, now that we’ve got those out of the way, let’s get moving!

Image source: ©2013 Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved


      1. Wouldn't this be a genius scheme to earn more precious points? Did you watch the Metro crash test footage I found?

        1. No, I missed that. Thanks, though!

          I don't receive notification when someone replies to my comments, so once something has receded beyond the limits of my compulsive checking, it's gone. I'm glad you mentioned it.
          To answer your question, that looks like an early Metro. I guess I should spend more time driving my other, safer vehicles instead….

  1. It would have to be a 53 sumbeam alpine sports. The 54-55 had those markers on either side of the lisence plate holder.It uses a 2.3 litre four.

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