My Face Is On A Porsche Cayman

Earlier in 2011, Porsche reached the 1 million fans mark on their Facebook social network page. Remarkably, later that year, Porsche also surpassed the 2 million fans mark. To celebrate the first milestone, Porsche put each and every fan’s name on the 997 GT3 R Hybrid that currently sits in the Zuffenhausen muesum. For the second milestone, Porsche put out a casting call for fans to upload their pictures to the site for placement on a special edition Cayman S. After Porsche had a sufficient number of photos with which to plaster their car, they again went to the fans to choose the car’s design.  Going on history alone, Porsche gave the fans three choices for the design. 1973 SCCA Canadian American Challenge winning Penske 917/30, as driven by Mark Donohue 1971 Le Mans competitor, the Martini Racing 917 LangHeck “Hippie” car, which placed second.

Or the 1970 Le Mans victorious Salzburg Porsche 917 KurzHeck. This car provided Porsche with it’s first in a history of 16 Le Mans victories. I think you can see which won, and why.

This, I feel, is an interesting commentary on the power of the internet. 2 million people banding together to proclaim that they “like” a car company that has been producing victorious racing and sports cars for over 60 years. What has the internet done to us as a culture, and where will it make us go? Are we producing Skynet? I don’t care, my face is on a Porsche Cayman! Where is yours?

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