Muscle Car Holy Grail Hits eBay with No Reserve but One Little Issue…

1965 Pontiac GTO for sale1965 Pontiac GTO for sale

eBay is a funny place. Often we’ve found ourselves gawking at great deals, only to watch prices climb exponentially in the last 24 hours or even 24 minutes. Other times we get ourselves all worked up based on the title and pictures, but miss the fine print. such is the case for this ’65 GTO. It’s got all the right boxes checked: 4-speed, 389 tri-power and it’s pretty much all-original. There’s one minor problem…

1965 Pontiac GTO for sale1965 Pontiac GTO for sale

The seller buries this little nugget in an otherwise grammatically inoffensive paragraph:

The 389 engine runs good and starts right up but has a scraping/ knocking noise after engine has been running for approx. 10 seconds after starting warm or cold. Noise sounds like the crank hitting the windage tray or oil pan or even a rod knock but not 100 % sure on what it is so bid accordingly

Eek. Still, it’s at $5100 as of this writing. $5100 plus, what a couple grand on a top-notch rebuild and you’ve got the Jade Monkey of muscle cars. Obviously, we’d get it running and wouldn’t change a thing.

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