The automotive world is undergoing an electric revolution. A plethora of newcomers are developing and debuting everything from fully electric pickups to hybrid-motivated hypercars. It’s never a dull moment when looking at the upcoming slew of vehicles that will soon hit the market. Take, for example, the K50.

Mullen Technologies, a California-based company, has been working with the Chinese company Qiantu Motors. The goal? To bring an new electric sports car concept to the States. It will make its US debut at the 2019 New York International Auto Show. It’s not a brand new car though. The K50 initially debuted back in 2015 as the Event!. Now though, the car now looks much more production ready.

The K50 arrives touting an aluminum-and-carbon-fiber chassis and body. This combination of high-strength lightweight material accounts for serious curb weight reduction. The car is 40% lighter than if it were steel and 20% lighter than aluminum alloy on its own. Jalopnik reports that a 78-kWh battery produces 402 horsepower via front and rear motors. Power is sent to all four wheels, and the range comes in at 236 miles.

Though largely unheard of until now, the K50 could bring Mullen Technologies right into the middle of the high-end electric sports car fight. We’ll know more when the car debuts in New York next month.