Motorama: Better Late Than Never

Due solely to sloth on my part, I showed up to Lafayette’s Father’s Day Motorama 5 1/2 hours late.  Though a lot of the cars on display had already left, what remained were still amazing.  I sincerely hope that you agree.

This exquisite Ghibli made the 2 1/2 hour trek up here from Carmel.  The car show is a fundraiser for the local rotary club and for $10 I could have ridden in this Mazer around town after the show.  In retrospect, I regret not making the $10 donation.




 The Ghibli brought a sibling to the show.


From behind, this Sebring looked like a Lancia.


 And the outline is reminiscent of an Aston DB5, no?

Which would you rather own?  The Cord or the Alfa?

 This MG Midget looks very fluid without a big windscreen.



For all you longroof fans, this Morris Minor 1000 Traveller stole the show.  It is a little beat up but the owner assures me it’s served as a grocery hauler for decades.  The LHD model was sold new at a now-defunct local dealer.



 This Lotus Esprit often participates in the local shows.  But this is the first time its engine bay has been exposed.




 In a world of a-million-and-one Lotus Seven kits, it’s great to see an original.  


 You Two Wheel Tuesday aficionados can probably fill us in on this motorcycle, a Spanish-built OSSA Pioneer Enduro.

Check out the 2010 show photos here and the 2011 show photos here.
Images source: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Jim Yu

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