Motor Trend teams up with Ken Block to bash dunes in the new Ford Raptor

We agree with Jonny Lieberman on this one. With the exception of the distinct lack of V8 engine noise, the new Ford Raptor is a massive leap forward compared to the prior version. It’s also a vehicle that is great for taking literal leaps, like the kind you’d do if you had the keys to a Raptor and a front windshield filled with vision of large sand dunes.
Lieberman had that sort of vision, but he needed a bit of help in making sure he kept the truck shiny and un-dented. So Motor Trend asked Ford to send out a person who could help. That person was Hoonigan’s own Ken Block… probably a pretty good choice for this adventure.

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4 responses to “Motor Trend teams up with Ken Block to bash dunes in the new Ford Raptor”

  1. Alff Avatar

    Good call, Ford sending a ringer. Everyone knows that Jonny Lieberman ruins everything.

  2. Please Stand By Avatar
    Please Stand By
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