More Twincharged Mischief


Actually, is “twincharged” the best we can come up with for a supercharged and turbocharged setup? How about supe-urbo-charged? Eh, it needs work. Whatever you want to call it, a similar induction setup to the Lancia Delta S4 has been fitted to another hardcore mid-engined plastic car. The ensemble of blower whine, turbo whistle, blow-off-valve pops, and exhaust belch is epic on a level that transcends even the best made-up words ending in -gasm that Roy Wert can muster up. Have a listen.



This Lotus Exige has been gaining attention as of late, and for good reason. Beneath its bulging widebody flares is an alleged 500hp, but it really is the noise that defines this car. 
Source: TCL via CarDomain  More videos here.


  1. Whatever fantastic mountain road this is, it is obviously known to motorcyclists, boosted Exige drivers, and drifters. Did you guys see all the tire marks at about 6:22?

      1. I just looked at that site, and it's awesome; thanks for the link! One problem, though; I'm not in California. Do you know of any equivalent sites which list driving roads in places like, oh, Michigan for instance?

        1. it might require a trip to the UP… but there are a lot of highways and little roads up there that are lots of fun…

  2. I've noticed that racing drivers tend to keep a solid grip on… 2:30 and 9:30 or so, but no one's ever explained to me why they drive that way.

    1. When I learned to drive we were always told, "10 and 2 o'clock" and while I'm not certain they were legal, those spinner/speed knobs on the steering-wheel were both fairly common and super dangerous. I've heard that kids today are taught in Driver's Ed to hold the wheel at 4:30-7:30 and pass the wheel hand-to-hand at the bottom because of air-bags,…. If your arms are over 12 o'clock and the air-bag goes off, it breaks your arm and then your arm breaks your face. Always wondered if this was an urban legend or not, especially when driving rental cars (all my cars are way too old)

  3. CaffieneFuelled just suggested that we refer to vehicles with a twincharged-or-better setup with the acronym, MFBTYKWTDW:
    More Fucking Boost Than You Know What To Do With.

      1. A double-double is a Timmy's coffee with two cream and two sugar. It's so wrong that other businesses are trying to usurp the term.

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