Mopar is unleashing a brand-new Elephant into the room

The people at Chrysler and Mopar are insane. How else do we have vehicles like the Challenger and Charger Hellcat, the Demon, and the Trackhawk? But their insanity is our kind of insanity and it’s reared its head in a glorious new way… which is in fact sort of an old way, at the same time. Mopar is going to offer a new crate motor and it’s most likely a modern version of the famed 426 Hemi.
The Elephant is back.
Used in NASCAR, drag racing, and under the hood of some insane street muscle machines, the 426 Hemi was lovingly called the Elephant engine because of its size and power. This is a 7.0-liter beast motor topped by a pair of quad-barrel carburetors. It’s most famous application saw it stuffed under the long hoods of both the Plymouth Road Runner and the Dodger Charger Daytona.
Now you’re going to be able to buy a fresh version to stuff under whatever the hell you want. It won’t be cheap, but it will be awesome. We’ll learn more when Mopar pulls back the wraps at SEMA on October 30th.
For now, enjoy this other teaser clip from Mopar which makes fun of its own other engine family. Yes, that’s an Elephant stomping on the footprints of a Hellcat. Hilarious. Awesome. Tremendous in-brand fun.

Also… if someone doesn’t stuff one of these into a Durango or Trackhawk and then call it the Hellephant, then something’s terrible wrong with the world.

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