Modern Art Monday – The Revenge of the Wood-Dub

Here We Go Again.
Continuing with the wooden theme of the previous fake wood -vinyled Jetta and W201, here’s yet another German car from my town that’s had some distinctive vinyl layered on it. This time on a navy blue Jetta, the wood is not on the sides but on the hood. Is a wood hood just the thing for you, dood? Judging by the fatter bumpers and cladding and plusher seats, the original car here is a ’91-ish Jetta Flair. Those were the top-of-the line Jettas, and most often came with a 1.8-litre engine providing more oomph than lowly, slowly 1.3- or 1.6-litres, let alone the indestructible but workhorse-like 1.6TD:s. Those, of course, have often gotten the turbo beefed up and the fuel pump cranked to 11, which results in spectacular black smoke and admirable clatter. I’m digging the attention to detail, provided here by the wood trim on the handles. The suspension, of course, is again slammed to the concrete. Or then it’s just those ridiculously heavy roof racks. What is the deal with them? The ad I happened to find for the Jetta is here (only partially in Finnish). Seller says it’s got a squeaking alternator belt, but there’s six months of valid inspection left and two sets of tires. The suspension is an adjustable V-Maxx one. Like with the white, there’s no price disclosed – so what would you offer for this blue woody Dub?

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