Modern Art Monday: StArt Wars; Images by the French On-Line Magazine Amusement.

We received this tip from one of our Hooniverse fans, Josh Roberts, and all I have to say is… WOW! The images are featured in a spread called StArt Wars, in which photographer Cédric Delsaux, with the help of 3-D artist Pierrick Gueneugue, melded photography taken in the United Arab Émirats, with Star Wars characters. Take a look at the rest of the images after the jump:

The lineup of the Battle Droids in front of a line of Ford Expeditions is my next favorite image.

The ATAT walking near a freeway over ramp is astonishing, and visually stimulating.

Having R2D2 Service your hoverbike in the middle of the evening shows how multifaceted the Droid really is. Source: Amusement and while you’re there, check out the rest of the magazine.

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