Mini Cooper Selling for $25,000 — That's an Austin, not a BMW Mini

It's pretty… but is it $25k pretty?

Having just spent a great deal of time shopping around for a new Mini Cooper S, I know that $25,000 Canadian is a pretty good price for one in perfect shape with low miles. I also know that many dealerships still list the new BMW-built Minis as Austin Minis instead. What I don’t know is whether or not $25,000 Canadian is a good price for a 1963 Austin Mini Cooper.

It seems rather pricey to me — and by pricey, I mean excessive. But I’m no expert, so I’m throwing it out to the Hooniversal Hive Mind. Is it excessive? Would this be a good buy? Should my significant other be jealous that she didn’t just spend her hard-earned cash on this one instead of a new Cooper S? Go have a look at the ad for yourself, and tell us what you think.

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  1. Kogashiwa Avatar

    $6k or so, $8k at most, will get you a very nice RHD Mini from Japan.
    If you just have to have an old one, I suppose this might be a reasonable deal, don't know much about them; but if you're content with a 1990 or so, go for the Japan option. I can recommend and , those are the two I've bought cars through.

  2. Kogashiwa Avatar

    $6k or so, $8k at most, will get you a very nice RHD Mini from Japan.
    If you just have to have an old one, I suppose this might be a reasonable deal, don't know much about them; but if you're content with a 1990 or so, go for the Japan option. I can recommend and , those are the two I've bought cars through.

  3. Seth L Avatar
    Seth L

    Way to much, though nice color.
    Curse you pampered Canadians with looser car import laws! gets my vote, they get Austin Minis all the time.

  4. Seth L Avatar
    Seth L

    Wait, you would pay 20K USD for a used Cooper S? Want mine, it's an 06?

    1. dustin_driver Avatar

      You know, if you would've waited one more year for the turbo . . . .

    2. Deartháir Avatar

      20k CAD. Big difference. The going price for average ones is about $25k CAD, this was excessively low mileage and a Checkmate edition for $20k.
      Considering what that buys you brand new, that's the equivalent of about $13-16k USD, even though the exchange rate doesn't work out that way.

  5. dragon951 Avatar

    Unless it's I trophy winning show car that is all original, and sold by someone who can speak clearly, pass on that. Plus, even if it was, pass on that. How can you hoon one of those? If it had a Honda B20 swap and the proper wheels/tires/brakes/suspension to handle such a transformation, then yes, It might be worth that much.

  6. PFG Avatar

    It's not unheard of for vintage Minis to bring low-to-mid $20Ks in the States, but to do so, they need to be original, numbers matching Cooper Ss with 1275s in mint condition. This one is worth less. Much, much less.

  7. Goingincirclez Avatar

    Ah, so that's what passes for Craigslist Grammar in the Great White North? Yeesh… even if the car was worth it, I'd pass based on that rambling, disjointed, excuses-and-promises-but-trust-me-and-where-was-I-again? laden description.

  8. muthalovin Avatar

    I do believe that is quite excessive. But exchange rates are not my specialty. If $25k Canadian is 14K USD, then it is a nice price. But if 25K Canadian is like 24.5K USD, then it is very, very excessive.

  9. dustin_driver Avatar

    Too much. From what I understand, these things were absolute maintenance nightmares.

    1. IntendedAcceleration Avatar

      It's British. Does this come as a surprise?

      1. dustin_driver Avatar

        Riiight. Shit.
        *smacks forehead

  10. Novaload Avatar

    Crack pipe. Oh, sorry. The good news is, you can replace the wheels with old Briggs & Stratton mowers.

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      Yeah, man, the big wide ones that go on the back. Or, golfcart cheater slicks, those would look bitchin' on this.

    2. blueplate Avatar

      I'm trying to think of a newer, replacement phrase that has the same catchiness as "Nice Price or.." whatever it is. But, it's hard. I may have spent too much of my youth flipping through racks at the record store…
      <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">
      … but it has such a melodic ring to it.

      1. Novaload Avatar

        Same here! I'd forgotten about that tag, plus the house and hours flipping through the crap racks/cutout bins…

  11. blueplate Avatar

    25 Kilodollars for an old Austin Mini.. can't justify it. You can buy much rarer 1960s British Steel for much, much less money: the beautiful Jaguar S-Type or slightly less sophisticated Mark II, for example are both much more car — four-wheel disc brakes, four-wheel independent suspension, SOHC inline six– what's not to love?

    (Hope the link works.)
    Seriously.. $25,000 is 1990 Porsche 911 money. Beater E-type money even. It can't, can't be Austin Mini money.

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      The link works fine, and I wholeheartedly agree. That's one nice car, and I'd have it over that Mini.

    2. IntendedAcceleration Avatar

      I accept your Jag-War, and I raise you a lovely Porsche 912 for the same money:
      You could have both a Porsche and a Jag for the price of a shitty old mini. You'd have to be insane not to. You'd have to be insane to! Either way, you win!

      1. IntendedAcceleration Avatar

        I swear, my next Porsche will be a 912 to supplement my 924. 12 grand buys you all the looks of an early 911 with all the performance of a souped-up Beetle, or it buys you a Kia Rio.
        I don't care if the Porsche will rust into oblivion as soon as it touches Michigan roads. I don't care. I want it so badly.

      2. blueplate Avatar

        Oh, that is shit-hot. I think you mean this link?
        I love the rear view and that clean look, in some respects more than a 911 itself. (No plastic red stripe across the back? no problem.)
        Agreed, but crazy in a good way.

  12. IntendedAcceleration Avatar

    Crack pipe. Original Minis, aside from the full-on rally Cooper S', do not interest me. Neither do new Minis; they are very good to drive, I'm sure, but they're very expensive for what they are: small 4-cylinder hatchbacks with tiny trunks and back seats that make the back of my Porsche look spacious. I wouldn't turn one down if you gave it to me, but I could not see myself buying one.
    $25k can buy you all manner of automotive goodness instead of this little British shitbox.

  13. Sparky_Pete Avatar

    Only $25K? Hell, why not ask for more? I mean why should this guy be stuck holding 40-45K in receipts? One of us should step up and remove the burden from him, so he is not left feeling like he threw all his money out the window working on an old car.

  14. name_too_long Avatar

    Given Canada's far more civilized stance on importation of foreign market vehicles it is way, way, way overpriced.
    A few degrees latitude south, here in the US, $25k is certainly high but not the "are you out of your mind?" it is in the great white north.

  15. Tyler D Avatar

    $25K for a new Cooper S isn't bad. Oh wait, it isn't an S. What do you mean it isn't new? Has it been restored? No?
    I'm thinking $5K at best.