I would like to announce that I have made the questionable decision to accept the poorly thought out invitation from the Killer Zombees Racing Team to join them at 24 hours of Lemons Thunderhill later this month.  Yes, it is just a short two weeks and a short drive (12 hours) away.  I have never participated in a LeMons event, so I am nervous and excited about the opportunity.  To ease my tension, my trusty companion, the midget, will be making the trip.  First, it needed a few upgrades.  


The midget glides stealthily along, making pretty much no noise with its electric drivetrain.  This can be a detriment, as folks don’t hear you coming and get out of the way.  It needed a horn.  This has been on the back burner until I found a sweet button kicking around in a junk drawer in the garage a while ago that gave me motivation.  I toyed with several horn types, but the friendly “beep beep” horn just seemed to fit its personality.  It puts me in mind of 1980s Suzuki Samurai TV ads. “Beep beep, Hi!”

 Another long-overdue addition is a park brake.  I had an old Chrysler Conquest hand brake lever laying around that looked like it would fit the bill.  A little cutting, a little welding, and a little drilling, and it is all hooked up and working perfectly.  This whole vehicle has been an exercise in repurposing parts.  

LeMons, here we come!

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