Midget Update: LeMons Prep

I would like to announce that I have made the questionable decision to accept the poorly thought out invitation from the Killer Zombees Racing Team to join them at 24 hours of Lemons Thunderhill later this month.  Yes, it is just a short two weeks and a short drive (12 hours) away.  I have never participated in a LeMons event, so I am nervous and excited about the opportunity.  To ease my tension, my trusty companion, the midget, will be making the trip.  First, it needed a few upgrades.  


The midget glides stealthily along, making pretty much no noise with its electric drivetrain.  This can be a detriment, as folks don’t hear you coming and get out of the way.  It needed a horn.  This has been on the back burner until I found a sweet button kicking around in a junk drawer in the garage a while ago that gave me motivation.  I toyed with several horn types, but the friendly “beep beep” horn just seemed to fit its personality.  It puts me in mind of 1980s Suzuki Samurai TV ads. “Beep beep, Hi!”

 Another long-overdue addition is a park brake.  I had an old Chrysler Conquest hand brake lever laying around that looked like it would fit the bill.  A little cutting, a little welding, and a little drilling, and it is all hooked up and working perfectly.  This whole vehicle has been an exercise in repurposing parts.  

LeMons, here we come!

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18 responses to “Midget Update: LeMons Prep”

  1. B72 Avatar

    For a minute there I thought you were racing the midget in Lemons!
    Probably good that you are not. The weight of the roll cage would kill the performance.

    1. PowerTryp Avatar

      Upgrade the motor(s) and design a quick change battery rack for pitstops and that would be a hell of alot of fun. It'd definitely win the IoE and a place in the history books as LeMons first electric car and open wheeler.

      1. needthatcar Avatar

        This. Is. Brilliant!
        The rules say no open wheelers, and one battery pack alone would exceed the $500 limit, but it would certainly be awesome.

        1. mdharrell Avatar

          Batteries are covered under Rule 3.14 as safety equipment and therefore, according to Rule 4.2, do not count towards the $500 limit. This just leaves you a little over a week to request exemptions for nearly every other aspect of the car, but you're okay on batteries.

        2. PowerTryp Avatar

          Paper mache and chicken wire for the fenders and mdharrell took care of the battery rule issue.

          1. needthatcar Avatar

            It only goes 20 MPH.

          2. mdharrell Avatar

            Outstanding! Are you looking for drivers? I've already got a competition license.

          3. Vairship Avatar

            Knowing your fleet, aren't you worried that going 20 MPH will scare the living daylights out of you? When is the last time any of your vehicles exceeded that speed? 😉

          4. mdharrell Avatar

            If you start watching at around 2:40, I'm pretty sure we broke 20 mph while on camera at some point. I think.
            [youtube PQUpDmWF63c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQUpDmWF63c youtube]

          5. chrystlubitshi Avatar

            excuses excuses.
            we are dealing with USES. DO. IT.
            "only 20 mph" is an invitation for our fellow hoons to bring in some sick-repurposed washing machine motors, and/or figure out how to drain your battery in 2 laps..
            (and an 8 hr. battery supply with chargers to rotate….)

  2. mdharrell Avatar

    Offering the midget as a Judgemobile might go a long ways towards getting them to overlook the ZomBee's cheatiness.

  3. longrooffan Avatar

    With the addition of the Midget to your livery, along with your 510 and that Chevy II longroof, you have one of the coolest fleets around…Have fun at LeMons.

  4. buzzboy7 Avatar

    Ooh, I too am making my first LeMons appearance in two weeks…as a watcher. Can't wait to see the Midget in person.

  5. mnm4ever Avatar

    Are planning on cleaning/painting that rusty frame? After all that work the midget should become a family heirloom, wouldnt want to see it rust away.

    1. needthatcar Avatar

      We decided to go with a rat rod look. After all, the car spent 55 years in a crawlspace getting to this state. Its condition is half of the charm of the midget. The rust helps tell the story.
      It made it that long in an unforgiving crawlspace. I think it'll be fine in the garage for years to come.

  6. CptSevere Avatar

    The midget will be a hit at LeMons. I'll bet the judges figure out a way to use it to mete out penalties. I just know you'll have a real blast when you go. One of these days I'll make it to a race myself.

    1. jeepjeff Avatar

      You're in AZ, right? Arse-freeze-a-palooza is just off of I-10 East of Joshua Tree in Southern California. It might not be that much closer for you than me, but it's in December and might not be too horribly far.

      1. CptSevere Avatar

        That's a thought. I might be able to make that.