Metacars is Friggin' Hilarious

mmmm...delicious irony.
mmmm...delicious irony.

We here at Hooniverse see ourselves as a post-auto-enthusiasm, post-forum, post-mainstream-blog institution. Namely, we (that’s us and you, dear readers) are in a position to understand and appreciate all aspects of Automotive culture, be they corn, rice, kraut or LSD-flavored, high budget or low.
…but Metacars takes it a step further, leaving sparing no aspect of automotive culture from utter mockery. With content like “REPORT: 19% of Lexus Buyers Are Deceased“, “Area Man May Not Finish Project Car This Year“, and “Car Blogger Getting Desperate for Questions of the Day“, they mange to put us all in our place.
A personal favorite: “Blog Commenter: It’s Like Manufacturers Don’t Even Read My Ideas“.


  1. Upon discovering it, Mr Braff and I spent a good 20 minutes IM-ing each other various articles…even though it was obvious we were both reading the same archives from finish to start.
    In case it's not obvious, it's written by someone within the (non-parody) auto blogosphere. No one you're likely to know off-bat, but probably someone you've heard of.

  2. Thanks for this, MetaCars is new to me. While I read TTAC, usually Baruth's stuff, the neverending anti-GM posts are so ripe for mockery that I'm glad someone has finally done so.

  3. These are surprisingly well written. I've been following the twitter feed of ''BreakingAuto'' which is in a similar vein, but Metacars is awfully well done. The MKL/MKF one is my new favorite too.

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