Merde Incorporated: Peugeot 604 Turbodiesel Gives This 300SD Owner Pause

The good: The cops won't know what it is. The bad: They'll have no trouble keeping up with you.
Ask the average hoon to name a European full-size (by Continental standards, anyhow) sedan from the waning years of the Malaise Era, and chances are he or she will drop the name of the W126 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the Series III Jaaaaaag Jaguar XJ, or the E23 BMW 7 Series. Above-average hoons might also cite the Maserati Quattroporte III or the Citroën CX. The Euro-Barge that person probably won’t name (unless of course he or she is a convicted Francophile) is the Peugeot 604. (If said person also mentions the Lancia Gamma and/or the Talbot Tagora, it’s an automatic Hoon Hall of Fame nomination.) The rear-drive, Pininfarina-penned 604 was in production from 1975 to 1985, and was offered with either a PRV V6 or a four-pot turbodiesel. This U.S.-spec ’82 example features the oil-burner – which the seller claims “runs great” – paired with an automatic transmission. He also says it has new glow plugs, hoses and belts, plus new brakes. The only issue he mentions is a cassé speedometer and odometer, but if it’s any consolation, the odo on my one-year-newer 300SD has crapped out twice. Of course there are bound to be dozens of other warts hidden within the bowels of this Gitanes-huffing-communist-built money pit it would be wise to inspect this vehicle for yourself before pulling the trigger on the Glock 17 pointed at your temple sale, but honestly, for $1,750, can you afford to not buy it? Craigslist Ville de Anges via Rusty But Trusty.

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