audi quattro s1 e2 rally car

Meet Your Heroes: Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 Edition

Carfection’s Henry Catchpoole gets to drive a lot of great machines. And he’s really good at communicating what he’s experiencing with those vehicles. Today, Catchpoole jumps behind the wheel of something a bit more special than usual. Audi in the UK let Henry get in some laps in its Group B Quattro S1 E2 rally car and folks, that’s makes for a good day.

If you had to make a shortlist of all the racecars you’d love to drive; a Group B car would certainly find its way on there. And if you’re going to narrow it down to just one Group B machine, the Lancias, the Metro, and the Peugeot are all high on the list. But it’s the Audi that is likely to land at the number one spot for a fair number of folks.

To create this monster, Audi chopped the wheelbase of the Quattro, stuffed a bunch of stuff in the tail for better weight distribution, and added serious aero bits to help create truly usable and powerful downforce. Even with the nose ahead of the front axle, the engineers managed to create an Audi rally car with a 51/49 front-rear weight split.

Under the hood sits a turbocharged five-cylinder engine. Crank the boost and it could produce over 550 horsepower. But you were definitely putting in work if you wanted to hustle this thing. Your feet, hands, and head are working overtime to keep the E2 going where you want it to go.

Catchpoole does an excellent job of giving it some beans on the tarmac circuit in the video. And he also does a great job talking about the history of a machine that is truly a legendary automobile.

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