Meet the Newest Hoon on the Block

Complete with a little racing stripe…

This week saw the addition of Zach Bowman and Ms Amber to the Hooniverse writing crew, but there’s a third late addition we’d like to introduce. Meet Henry Marshall Odell, aka Mad_Science_Jr. All 8lbs, 6oz of him and his ridiculous hair arrived Friday morning. Mom, baby and dad are doing well.
Also, we can see the Cars and Coffee Montrose parking lot from our hospital room. If you stop by, turn around and give us a wave.

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49 responses to “Meet the Newest Hoon on the Block”

  1. Deartháir Avatar

    I like that he's named Henry. I'm calling him "Hoon" for short.
    Congratulations to the both of you, although mostly to Missus_Science; she did most of the work, Mad_Science just managed to not get killed during the term of the pregnancy. Which, based on my experiences with pregnant woman, is something of an accomplishment, so he should be very proud.
    Our warmest welcome to little Hoon Odell. Just think, we've finally got a little mind that we can mould to suit our culture, right from the very first day. How exciting!

  2. tenbeers Avatar

    Hi ho the merry-o, the new hoon named O'Dell.
    Congrats brother.

  3. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    Congratulations to the entire Odell clan, which just grew by one adorable new family member. Hoon-tastic news…!

  4. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    And PS to Daddy… If you had to emerge head-first from a confined space, you'd earn a racing stripe too…!

  5. CptSevere Avatar

    Congratulations to the _Science family. Hooniverse is relatively new, but now there are three generations of you guys who have made their presence known here, to the benefit of all.
    He looks like he already knows how to drive a stick and start a car with a manual choke. A fine upstanding young man.

  6. dragon951 Avatar

    Isn't he technically Mad_Science_III? Us IIIs have to look out for each other; we are a dying breed.
    Congrats on the new addition.

  7. engineerd Avatar

    Congratulations to you, the wife, and Mad_Science_Sr. He's cute and not as old man looking as some babies. I can't wait for stories of his exploits in your garage.
    Why did I congratulate your dad? Well, he now has a chance to create another car-obsessed hoonigan! He has to be beaming with pride!

  8. Ambersand Avatar

    I do not think I've see a cuter baby in quite a while. There are some little aliens out there, he however is gorgeous! Congrats to you, momma and the rest of the fam. Much like that mop of hair on his head, this is huge! Yay baby!

  9. SVT2888 Avatar

    So when is he attending his first Car show so he can become addicted to cars for LIFE?! 😀

  10. Feds_II Avatar

    Congratulations! The sum total of my parenting experience is this: By 2, they're still not ready to help you work on the car.
    Looks like competition in the Hooniverse baby races. My newest has a 3 month head start on you, but they should be evenly matched by the end of summer.
    So, what's the family hauler? I've managed to get by so far with 2 kids in a Protege5. I've got lots of tips for keeping a decent (i.e., non-minivan) car while hauling 12x the baby's weight in strollers, playpens, toys, diapers, bouncy chairs, bumbos, blankets, extra clothes, formula, breast pumping equipment, and toys out for an afternoon visit.

    1. SVT2888 Avatar

      In my experience with my nephew by 2 they are very ready to help you. My mom babysits my nephew and he would help hand me tools when I would work on my car back when I still lived at my moms. A few times he even helped me diagnose the source of leaks that I just couldn't find.
      He would climb under the car and point them out. There are not very many hoons in my family but this one was born a very good one. By the time he was 4 months he would go "Vrrrrmm" and he loves watching races. 🙂

  11. njhoon Avatar

    Congratulations to you and your family. Now stop doing anything with this site for a few days, not that we don't love you but you have a new little guy and his mother to dote on.
    BTW, being able to see Cars and Coffee from the window is a sign from the Hoon gods. Start him now, show him what cools cars are.
    – Enjoy the start of your lifes' most wonderful journey.

  12. skitter Avatar

    Congratulations, and thank you.
    The world needs more people like you.

  13. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    Awwwwwwwwwwww. Congratulations to your family!!

  14. rocketrodeo Avatar

    Congratulations! He sure looks like a badass.

  15. Tomsk Avatar

    Many happy returns to you and the missus.
    If he has that much hair already, he'll be a regular James May at six weeks; better find a purple-and-pink striped jumper.

  16. KAdams1476 Avatar

    Well done on your procreation. He's a cute little dude. I'm sure other parents will chime in here, but spoil that guy every chance you get. And spoil your wife too, she put in all the work.

  17. Mad_Science Sr. Avatar
    Mad_Science Sr.

    Well, I am now a grandfather twice in as many weeks. Mad_Science's younger brother (aka Captain Concussion) and his wife had a baby boy Monday on Feb 16. I went skiing the next day to celebrate (well, really just to go skiing). In honor of Henry, I am going skiing today.
    Tim, did not mention it, but Henry is now the 5th living generation in my wife's family (Mrs Science Sr.?). The first Mama' is 107 and lives in Tennessee. She still has here own little apartment in a retirement home!

    1. engineerd Avatar

      Congratulations to you and Mrs. Mad_Science Sr.! It must be exciting to have a generation that you can spoil without having to raise!

    2. engineerd Avatar

      Congratulations to you and Mrs. Mad_Science Sr. It must be exciting watching your family grow. My parents wouldn't know that feeling…yet 😉

    3. Deartháir Avatar

      I think it's time to properly name all the _Science clan.
      So let's see. Mad_Science is the proud new papa. I think Mini_Science is the newly-released Version 3.0., and the proud new mama is Missus_Science.
      I'm thinking Mrs. Mad_Science Sr. should be Mama_Science. But I'm a bit stumped as to the appropriate one for Mad_Science Sr. Master_Science is my only suggestion.
      As for the brother, there's no way I can top Captain Concussion. That's fantastic.

      1. CptSevere Avatar

        The rank of Captain is a good and honorable one.

        1. Tim Odell Avatar
          Tim Odell

          He worked hard to earn that title, with at least 8 concussions in total.

      2. engineerd Avatar

        Captain Concussion is rather perfect.

  18. Mad_Science Sr. Avatar
    Mad_Science Sr.

    I have a cousin who is Casper Carson Conrad Webb III. He has actually gone by Trey all his life (Trey = 3rd). Maybe Henry is Trey Science?

    1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

      "Trip" (short for triple) is another nickname for III (like that character on "Star Trek: Enterprise"). Maybe Henry could be Trip_Science…?

      1. Deartháir Avatar

        Or… Science_Trip? Provided the appropriate field trip disclaimer forms are signed by the parents, of course.
        Don't get bitten by a radioactive spider.

  19. Mrs. Mad_Science Sr. Avatar
    Mrs. Mad_Science Sr.

    Correction Papa/Mad_Science Sr.- Kai was born on Wednesday Feb. 17 in the wee hours of the morning. But, to be honest, it doesn't really matter at this point what day he was born. We are the very proud grandparents of two beautiful baby boys! Maybe Kai and Henry will have to share each families talents- music from Kai's family and auto-mania from Henry's family. They'll be making music with those cars somehow.

    1. rovingardener Avatar

      Congratulations to all you all and may your brood ever grow.

  20. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    We're going to have to add another vehicle to the Hooniverse HQ parking lot:
    <img src=""&gt;

  21. Armand4 Avatar

    Congratulations, Mad Science! With any luck, he'll grow up to be a proper Hoon like his father. Does the Uberbird have room for a baby seat? Because that would totally get the little guy started out right.

    1. Thrashy Avatar

      Be sure to get one of those "Baby On Board" signs too…

  22. TurboBrick Avatar

    Congratulations! We're counting down the last 10 days here before child #2. With 3.5 years of experience here I can tell you that becoming a parent is an experience that cannot be explained, you just have to live through it for yourself. The child will teach you more about yourself and about your parents than you ever knew.

  23. Novaload Avatar

    That's a nicely put together model, well designed and well made.
    Going from changing oil to changing diapers–so much to look forward to. I forget who said it but some wag or other observed that having a new born is like being on crack. You smell bad, your clothes are crusty with spills and food, you are sleepless, paranoid and jumpy as hell…
    Congratulations on your latest addition to the team!

  24. PFG Avatar

    Many congratulations! From one new dad to another, my advice is: it's never too early to start stockpiling Hot Wheels.

  25. highmileage_v1 Avatar

    Congratulations! A fine looking young man. Your first project should be a self-propelled stroller with 21's and flames!

  26. CptSevere Avatar

    I meant "honourable." There, fixed that so Canadians can read it.

    1. highmileage_v1 Avatar

      Why thank you. But how do pronounce it? Hon-or-able or hon-our-able (maybe hoon-or-able) and where do you put the em-PHA-sis?

      1. CptSevere Avatar

        Hoonerable. I think that between the two of us we just made up a new word.
        Hoonerable (adj.) Something that is able and/or worthy to be hooned. Example: "That '64 Falcon Ranchero with the 351 Cleveland, four speed and black steel wheels that he's selling for two grand and a case of Molson is definitely hoonerable."

    2. Mad_Science Sr. Avatar
      Mad_Science Sr.

      I like Mini_Science! Mama_Science is perfect as her grandmother name is Mama'. It is pronounced Mamagh.
      It get s a bit fun with all the siblings. Tim has 2 brothers and a sister. Phil already dubbed one brother Insane_Science when we all went and took photos at LeMons (before the Uberbird team formed up). Insane Science is the youngest and a Wildlife major at Humboldt State. I think his name sticks.
      Captain Concussion is the middle brother who is also a new Dad. He had a serious problem with concussions in high school and college. I use his brain and skull when teaching about Impulse (F * t) to my physics classes.
      We have yet to name the sister and her hubby. She is also a school teacher. Her hubby is studying computer science, so perhaps Mr and Ms Computer_Science?
      Tim, what do you think?

      1. Tim Odell Avatar
        Tim Odell

        Hmmmm…works for me.
        There are a bunch of us (with no end to the growth in sight), so this could get trickier with time.

      2. BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ Avatar
  27. coupeZ600 Avatar

    Congratulations! It's quite exhilarating being a new Pop, Mom, and Baby, as I'm certain you know. Two quick things that no one ever told me that might make things easier for you all. First is those infernal car-seat bases…. If you finally get one in right, so when you shake the baby carrier it shakes the whole car, never take it out… you'll never get it back in like that again, especially in the morning when your hung-over and late after the previous evenings "Parents Night" where you both got out with two of your friends that also managed to find a Sitter and you decided to take one car because there's no parking at the the hip new restaurant and you drank too much and saw and felt what normal people do and golly wasn't that fun! The second tip is to take that baby-monitor when you travel. Being able to go sit by the pool while within eye-shot but not ear-shot while they're napping, or being able to put them to bed far away from where all the rest of the family is yukking it up at full volume makes you look responsible at least.

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      But taking the whole family into old mines and to gunfights where the kids are accused of murdering parrots counts as responsible behavior? Only in Arizona.

  28. BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ Avatar

    Congratulations for the whole Mad_Science clan with Uberhoon_Science-III Baron of Guibo

  29. SSurfer321 Avatar

    Sorry I'm late to the party but many congrats!

  30. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Congratulations! Now the real fun begins.
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  31. lilwillie Avatar

    Congratulations! Very fun times ahead. Best wishes to all the family for the new addition. May he be grabbing gears and chirping tires soon!

  32. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

    Congrats to the _Science family! Glad to know that all are well!

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