Mecum 2014: Happy(?) Freedom Friday


I’m here in Florida for the Mecum Kissimmee auction. There are plenty of great cars, a ton of alright vehicles, and then… there’s this. It’s billed as a 9-11 tribute vehicle, which seems like a weird way to phrase things. I’d prefer Tribute to the victims of 9-11. Regardless, this misguided bit of patriotism was, if you can believe it, was a no sale initially. It eventually sold to the tune of $20,000.


Here’s the info from Mecum. The build quality is as terrible in person as you might imagine, and I hope the sale of this vehicle caused a thousand Bald Eagles to cry out in horror at the same time. It’s clear that we’re losing the war on terror.

Now as you leave your offices (on the West Coast, on the East Coast you’re already home and drunk) go forth and drink something in honor of the Ford pickup that gave its life for this … thing.

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