Mazda and Alfa Sitting in a Tree

The big news of the day is:

Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) and Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A. (Fiat) have signed a
non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development and manufacturing
of a new roadster for the Mazda and Alfa Romeo marques based on Mazda’s
next-generation MX-5 rear-wheel-drive architecture.

I am looking forward to a reliable Alfa Romeo and a more passionate Miata. A roadster that slightly bigger than the current NC Miata, with great looks, and a 240hp (I’m guessing) sounds great. Also, a used Honda S2000 sounds great to me too. I am looking forward to your comments, discussions, jokes, or photo-shops on the subject. Also, what other off-spring would you like to see come out of this Italian-Japanese fling?

[Source: Mazda | Image Source:]

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