Matt Adair, Petty Cash Racing, Lemons, Dobson Stuttgart & KOH – Off The Road Again Podcast: Episode 161

Welcome back to the Off the Road Again podcast! We’ve missed you. The focus is on the off-road adventure, but we also dabble in all things SUVs, truck, and van, and maybe even some rally cars.

In this episode, Ross and Chris sit down with Matt Adair, a seasoned Lemons racer and the founder of Petty Cash Racing. Matt shares his passion for racing and takes us on a journey through his experiences in Lemons Racing, King of the Hammers, his love for sports cars, and why off-road can give you the same thrills with less speeding tickets.

Matt discusses his early days in racing and how he got hooked on the sport. He talks about his time racing in the infamous Lemons Racing series, where the focus is on budget-friendly racing and having fun. Matt shares some of his favorite Lemons Racing moments, including some unexpected victories and hilarious mishaps. Matt campaigns the baby blue Petty Cash Racing Jeep Cherokee XJ.

We also delve into Matt’s experience with King of the Hammers, an intense off-road racing event that tests both the driver and their vehicle. Matt talks about the challenges of racing in such a grueling event, what it’s like to create the tech specifications and safety standards for an entire series, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing.

Lastly, we explore Matt’s passion for classic Porsche race cars. Matt talks about working at Dobson Stuttgart in Seattle, Washington. He shares some of his favorite Porsche racing memories and what it’s like to be behind the wheel of these classic machines.

Overall, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in racing and classic cars. Matt’s enthusiasm and knowledge are infectious, and his stories will leave you inspired to hit the track yourself.

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