Maserati teases new model due for May 2020 debut

As of late Maserati has somewhat become a caricature of a company and of its prior self. Truth is, the brand’s offerings tend to be somewhat old and underwhelming when matched up against their competitors. But not for long – a new Maserati is on the horizon.

The brand’s high volume models, the Quattroporte, Ghibli and Levante, are all reasonably new-ish. But departure of the very recently deceased GranTurismo leaves a void in the brand’s product lineup. And given that much of the brand’s cache stems from the image of a fast, curvaceous, Ferrari-hearted luxury coupe, it’s a safe bet that’s what we’ll see.

Maserati Alfieri concept

So what will the new Maserati be? There’s a good chance it will be called GranTurismo. There is a lot of brand and model equity in the name, after all. Or, maybe it’s name will be Modena; it is on the landing page, after all. As for the car’s design, rumor has it that it could be based on 2014’s Alfieri concept and will likely foreshadow what’s to come from the Italian automaker. May 2020 is coming up fast and it’ll be exciting to see what the Maserati has up its sleeve. Here’s to hoping it looks like the aforementioned stunner.

Maserati Alfieri concept

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