meyers manx for sal \Spring’s here and it’s time to make the most of it. How better to do that than in the OG Dune Buggy, a Meyers Manx? The seller lists this as a 1960, but Meyers wasn’t selling the kits until ’64, so we’re guessing it’s the Bug that is (was?) the 1960 model. This one looks authentic, but the blessing and curse of fiberglass construction is that it’s easy to copy a form and put together some cheap molds. The knockoffs flooding the market were Meyer’s undoing. On to happier times, this little Buggy sports an impressive feature list… There’s not much Bug left by now. It’s powered by a 914 engine with dual carbs, sipping from dual tanks, hooked up through a hydraulic clutch. If for some reason you should be interested in stopping (why?), it’s got discs at all four corners. It’s got the requisite cage, light bars and engine guard that both complete the look and provide some much needed protection. The only dowside we can see is you can only carry one DoubleMint twin at a time. $4500 buy it now on eBay.

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