Malaise Era Press Photo: Mercury Monarch Model or Mannequin?

We’re here to answer all of the big questions here at Hooniverse. And here’s a big one: Is the model that is, uh, “perched” on a 1980 (I think) Mercury Monarch Coupe a real person in an incredibly awkward pose or a mannequin that has been very ungracefully placed in a press photo? Regardless, this Monarch—the Granada’s forgettable slightly-upmarket cousin—came with a base price of $5,262 with the optional Ford 302 V8 making an earth-shaking 130 horsepower plus the coast of the Malaise Era-beige Landau roof (a mere $118) and some classic rally-style wheels ($310). The giant Mercury hood ornament is free of charge.


    1. Honestly, I see potential here. Ditch the Landau roof, drop in a Ford crate engine, revise the bumpers, update the suspension, throw on some 18s. This could be interesting, if not outright cool.

  1. “…a 1980 (I think) Mercury Monarch…”
    The Monarch lost its round headlights for the 1978 model year, so this one’s a ’75-77. Narrowing it down further is tricky. Were the aero mirrors available as an option before ’76?

  2. I kinda like the lines of the Granada/Monarch coupes but with out the ugly padded top. Lots of hot rod mods available for this platform. Could be a real sleeper. Can’t tell if the model is real or not but was the pose an inside joke?

      1. I found it on another auction site, apparently there was an engine fire. Maybe firefighters did that to get the hood open?

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