Make this awesome Jeep bed!

il_fullxfull.541849960_1muj Kid’s car beds have been around for a while and they vary from crap to awesome. This one seems to be push the needle toward the awesome side. Unfortunately you cannot buy it, but you can buy the instructions on how to make it!

Make a child’s off-road dreams come true with these Jeep bed plans. Includes 62 pages of detailed step-by-step instructions. Photos are of previously completed Jeep beds and a sample page from the instructions. Designed for a twin sized mattress, this easy to build bed requires around $250 in material to make.

Sample of the directions is after the jump. My two year old son loves Jeeps, “peeps” as he calls them, and I’d love to have this for him. Unfortunately, I lack the skill to make it, but if someone wants to volunteer their mad wood working services to me, please, I’ll take on in military green. il_fullxfull.541849956_hx2j Source:

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