The Red Pig is one of my favorite cars. Full stop. It’s a racing Mercedes-Benz sedan that managed to snag 2nd place overall (1st in class) at the 24-hour of Spa back in 1971 and helped kickstart the AMG brand. The Mercedes Classic Center built a recreation of that car, but it also made a madder version and kept it silver. This is the Silber-Sau and it’s a glorious monster.

The above video is directed by our friend Cameron Thuman. He’s worked with Magnus Walker a bunch as of late, and we’re happy to see them shoot something that’s not a Porsche. It’s a short video, but a damn fine one. And yes, I regret never attempting to build the Blau-Sau tribute I dreamed up with my old W114. Hell, I haven’t finished the Wombat, so we know the W114 would’ve taken even longer… so let’s enjoy this actually built and driven (and awesome) machine that is the Silber-Sau.