Lotus Acquired by Chinese Firm, Undergoes Name Change

In an unprecedented move, Malaysian auto manufacturer, Proton, has sold Lotus Cars to an unnamed Chinese investment firm. The move comes after intense pressure on Proton from numerous Asian investment firms to sell the brand to someone else given Lotus’s less-than stellar performance over the past 16 years under Proton’s control.

The new owner of Lotus Cars has also announced various name changes in the company. Effective April 1st, 2012, Lotus Cars will now be referred to as Rotus Cars. Lo – I mean, Rotus was also quick to reflect the changes on their website, which is now www.rotuscars.com. The updated website also reflects name changes in the Rotus lineup. More details on this will be posted as we get them.

Image source: Rotus Cars which likely came from Lotus Cars 

UPDATE: Boohoo, the site is gone.

Also, happy April Fools Day 😉 

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