Lord Baby Jesus Does Exist, and He Has Given Us the Chevrolet "LS12"

Dear Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, don’t even know a word yet, just a little infant, so cuddly, but still omnipotent. We just thank you for all LS-powered V8 swaps you have brought us, but this right here is a second coming of greatness. 

Introduction video after the jump.


LS1Tech user V12Baker brings forth what will be one of the most unique Chevrolet LS-based motors ever made, a LS1-based V12. Essentially Siamese-ing two LS1 blocks, four LS1 heads, two LS1 cranks, two LS1 cams; you get the idea. He’s made a solid V12 out of two LS1 engines. The block, heads, and cam are welded into solid units while the crank is bolted together in the middle. It’s about 8.9L and is about 8.8 inches longer than the standard LS1. And yes, it will eventually get a blowah

It’s hard not to think about GMC’s old Twin-Six V12 engines from the 1960’s, which was essentially two GMC V6s end-to-end, casted into a solid block with a solid crank and cam, with four V6 heads, two V6 intake manifolds, etc. 

The cool thing is? The two lobbed off cylinders from each block go into a Motus KMV4-like LS1 V4. That’s recycling that I can dig. 

Apparently this isn’t his first V12. Some LS1Tech threads from 2011 found some of his earlier motors, but this third iteration looks to be something pretty, well, wicked

[Source: Motor Authority, LS1Tech]


  1. I don't think it'll fit in a Miata, but I reckon I could shoehorn it into my GTO.
    Because my 18mpg average right now is just too much.

    1. You get 18mpg…?
      Stupid lead foot…
      Shoehorning that into a GTO would be a feat, but likely not impossible. I'm surprised it's only 8.8in longer, and some fiddling with the intake routing and thinner fan shroud might just do the trick…

      1. Yeah, it's my daily driver and lately [it seems] I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time sitting at red lights. Genuine city driving yields 15-16, and the best I've ever seen on the highway was 26. I mean, I could get 30 if I set the cruise control to 55mph, but that's not why I bought the car.

        1. Mine is my daily too, and it sucks…
          …down gas like it's on sale, cuz I just can't help myself!
          According to the computer, mine is getting 17 at the moment. Considering how I drive it, I am actually really impressed. I managed to get around 23-25 while cruising it up to Sacramento a couple weeks ago.

          1. My commute is mostly highway (70mph), but I’m averaging I think 21-22 mpg now that the weather is warmer. It was around 20.4 for most of the winter. I don’t think that I’ve ever gotten it over 25 mpg average even on a long trip. Sure, I can break 30 mpg if I’m in sixth gear cruising at 45-50 mph, but the likelihood of that happening for long enough to keep a tank average over 30 is pretty low, and I wouldn’t voluntarily do that to save a few bucks.

          2. I love the gearing on these cars. 6th will actually pull you along at 30mph literally at idle. (I wouldn't attempt to accelerate from there without kicking it down though…) But yeah, I can't bring myself to leave it below 2k for too long. The urge is just too strong to feel that pull.

          3. I've been nerding out and using fuelly.com to track the mileage. It seems the car's computer is slightly pessimistic on the lower end of city driving and optimistic on the highway. In the most literal use of this phrase in the history of the internet: Your mileage may vary.

          4. Interesting, I've never actually tried calculating it. All my cars in the past were always really, really optimistic, so I was just scared to check it… I need to do a filter and plug change soon, so maybe I'll calculate a tank before and after.

          5. Flick, you're babying it too much! I got 13.5MPG with Dale the S90 on a tankful, once.

    2. There's a surprising amount of space in the Miata's engine bay so with a bit of sheet metal work it might just be possible.
      Where there's a will (and a wallet), there's a way.

  2. Is it wrong that I am more excited about what I could do with the V-4 than the V-12?

    1. I'm kinda with you. I really dig the V12, but an LS1-based V4? Drop that into a Saab 96!

        1. I figured you were thinking some sort of motorcycle. Admittedly, I don't know how motorcycle engines differ in basic design from car engines and what that kind of transplant would require, but if you can fit a Chevy big block onto one, I'm sure a much smaller V4 would be doable.

        1. All excellent suggestions. And that's not scary…that's great minds, thinking alike for the greater good of humanity.
          Or AH Sprite/MG Midget, or Peel microcar, or…

          1. Are you speaking of the excellent Alfa Romeo V6? Because…that would be awesome.

    2. Yum! Thinking a 1/2LS1 as a ~2.8L four cylinder. The torque would be incredible and in a very compact package. It'd swap nicely into all kinds of small FR, MR and RR cars. I'd like to drop one into my Subi or maybe into the rear of a VW or a Locost or…

      1. Actually, the torque wouldn't be THAT special – you're looking at an output of 173 hp and 175 ft-lbs if it's pre-2001 Corvette, 175 hp and 183 ft-lbs if it's 2001+ Corvette.
        The package is nice for some things, sure, but larger modern 4-cylinder inline engines can do the output, and even ~2.0 4-cylinder diesels can do that much power and much more torque stock.

        1. Not special amounts of torque, but the curve should keep it low. My EJ25 has 167ft•lbs stock, but they come in at a weird time. The LS1 has a nice flat torque curve. I'll take a diesel swap, if I could find a good one that fit.

    3. It pumps out 160 hp naturally asperated. It should take to turbocharging very well considering its roots. Imagine a v-4 twin turbo miata. could be a whole bunch of fun.

  3. Methinks the center cylinders (5 & 6?) are going to get mighty overheated without any coolant passages.

    1. Wouldn't 'additional machining' be a lot easier before everything was welded up??

  4. I saw this yesterday on, of all places, foxnews.com. The thing I'm nervous about it is the welding in the middle of cylinders. I'll wait to hear what the durability is of this thing.

    1. This isn't the first engine that has been welded together from two blocks, so I'm sure it can be done with minimal problems, but I'd want a guy who was born with a welder in his hand doing the work.

      1. Seriously. If you notch the metal and do multi-pass welds, you can fill in the entire weld area. However, multi-pass welds also leave much more room for inclusions and are often done by industrial robots anymore. Also, I have heard of filling in the intake and exhaust runners with a welder and then re-machining them at a higher angle for better flow.
        This stuff can be done, but I wouldn't do it myself. Guy born with a torch in his hand for this one is right.

  5. Can you find a way to express yourself without invoking Religion?
    If you lack the proper understanding of the language,
    Maybe you should take a creative writing course at your high school.

    1. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
      Actually, you're right. I prefer my religion to come with a side of the always delicious Taco Bell.

      1. I do not mind the critical comments,but the fact that you down vote my right to have an opinion makes me sad.

          1. The fact that anybody downvoted that opinion makes me wonder about the jury process.

          2. Opinions are fantastic, but was your's:
            That's probably why.

    2. It's far from the most egregious thing I've read this week, so I'm cool with it.

      1. Wait…bad isn't bad if there's something worse?
        So, the fact that there are Kei trucks makes the Town Cow handle…

    3. What's amusing is that I get the sense that you're somewhat irritated because he mentioned anything about religion at all.
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      1. I'm a Christian, and I don't really have a problem here. It's not insulting, really, though I can think of a few other headlines that maybe are better. Honestly, folks will either not think really about it, or maybe they'll go out and want to know more about this Jesus guy.
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        1. I'm a Christian, too, and it doesn't bug me a bit. But I'm fully aware that there are lots of other Christians out there too who are too uptight and get upset too easily. Really, I just found it amusing that despite the obvious irreverence someone would be bothered by it being overly religious.
          Hmm… now I'm wondering what IE thinks it should be. Any IE users out there? Anyone? Hello?

          1. It's not just a Christian thing. Some people are too uptight and try to find offense where there is none. It's like they feed off righteous indignation and attempt to censor others to appease their own sensitivities. For this guy, religion happens to be the hot button issue that gets him riled up. He's the same one who got bent out of shape over the "Jesus Tapdancing Christ" Pontiac listing a while back. He changed his display name after that, and here we go again…

          2. Just for the record,I am offended as a journalist.
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            But I didn't downvote you. I said mean things to your face!

          4. Legitimately Religious and undeserved superiority walk hand in hand.

          5. No you're not. This is the same kind of thing you took umbrage at the last time. If you're always going make a big deal out of it, at least stand by your convictions.

          6. IE thinks it's Albuquerque, 4.0 thinks it's Duluth!

        2. I'm a Christian … He will decide how good I am at it. There are as many flavors of Christianity as there are people who practice. In my view, the almighty has a wicked good sense of humor.

          1. What I meant to say was that the author should have enough literary talent to write a short insignificant post without mentioning or invoking religious terms.

    4. Nuke the gay baby whales for Jesus!
      Seriously, I'm sorry you found it (and my comment above) somewhat offensive. I'm certain no insult was intended. As a Roman Catholic, I understand there might be quips we don't care for, but try and put it in context. Peace.

    5. Just so you're aware, I down-voted you. Not because of your opinion of how a movie quote somehow is proselytizing, but because you felt the need to insult the writer in a personal manner.
      Be anti-religious all you want (again, opinions are cool) but don't go fully bully on the writer.
      Also, votes are the way others express their opinion. Equally valid to your words.

  6. As cool as this is, I don't understand why it's getting so much media attention, considering the fact that engine isn't even close to being able to run.

    1. He has built two earlier models, apparently running. This isn't a /possible/ idea that's being toyed with, it's a committed build to push the limits of what they've accomplished.

    1. So long then! I'd like to say you'll be missed, but the whole bearing false witness thing… Anyway feel free to come back when you've taken a class on… well… class.

  7. Fantastic! Everyone loves a V-12. But it looks like it would have been a lot less effort just to make a V-16.

    1. Even better, a V16 shoved into your choice of cheap old Cadillac (something running a Northstar because it needs a new engine anyhow, or an OG Escalade for the body-on-frame presence).

      1. After all, Caddy does have that V-16 heritage… But I'd probably stuff it into a bustle backed Seville.

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