Look North For LeMons Inspiration: 3 Lada Nivas for $900CAN

3 lada nivas
Ask and ye shall receive, or so the saying goes. We actually don’t want to know what the question would be (“how can I get my spouse to leave me and take the children?”), but here’s at least one possible answer: 3 Lada Nivas, with burly “made in the Soviet Union” construction and the ability to tackle terrain that would make a modern 4Runner blush.

Plus, you get an awesome assortment of random problems. One of them has no 3rd gear but “4 good mags,” one a “good engine” but no 5th gear, and so on. But hey, for only $900 Canadian, you can get ’em all! And if simply owning three Lada Nivas wasn’t badass enough on its own, imagine the possibility of fielding an entire team of like-liveried LeMons racers, possibly ballasted with rotting moose carcasses. Just don’t ply the LeMons judges with any Russian homebrew.

Kamloops Craigslist

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12 responses to “Look North For LeMons Inspiration: 3 Lada Nivas for $900CAN”

  1. Syrax Avatar

    I think the 75mph top speed (in a very optimistic example) would be a problem for LeMons, but I'm all for Team Russian Roulette.

  2. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Still should've been "100km"… I dunno.

    1. Syrax Avatar

      100km is too optimistic for a Lada.

      1. Вася Avatar

        Ты че охуел!) Нива все 120КМ/Ч едет!!!

  3. Manic_King Avatar

    If you buy 3 cars for 900CAN, sell 2 for say 850, 3rd car purchase cost is then 50.-, is this how LeMons judges see the situation?
    To get 850 for 2 better cars one should probably give away complete engine+transmission combo from 3rd car which is good thing as this is very slow 4wd system anyway. Next step: junkyard motor and rwd, shorter springs etc. Or if there's Fiat/Lancia 16V engines available in junkyards of America these could be used as easy bolt on swap, but then power wasting 4 wd is still there.

    1. iheartstiggie Avatar

      Wow, kudos. That's a lot of car math in one sitting on a Monday…

  4. blueplate Avatar

    I'm pretty sure the "junkyards of America" ™ resources of Fiat/Lancia 16V engines are dangerously low.

  5. engineerd Avatar

    It sounds like my coworker's long lost twin owns these. My coworker drives a '93 Chrysler Concorde. It's been rear-ended (twice). The trunk doesn't open, the rear bumper cover is falling off, and the engine is on it's last legs. This fall his oil light came on, so he stopped driving it. He then took it to the mechanic to see what was up with the oil light. It was just a sensor, so he fixed it.
    What's strange about this? Well, this guy bought new mags and tires for a car with no 3rd gear. While the Concorde was sitting my coworker fixed the cigarette lighter. Priorities out of whack seems to be a family trait.

  6. joshuman Avatar

    My marriage would survive or even thrive with a Citroen, Alfa Romeo, or a Caterham but I am fairly certain the Lada would ring the death knell.

  7. Shovington Avatar

    Nope.Canadian money is still at par. But,obviously you didn't realize that the Canadian Government artificially lowers it dollar against the US currency, in order to keep trade alive. Infact Canada sells many of it's products and natural resourses to the US at reduced rates to keep the trade between the two nations on par. Lumber, wheat, natural gas, oil, raw minerals, are but a few things that are artificially stabilized for the good of both countries. After watching Canada sail through this horrible economic debacle, I wonder what's to laugh about anymore?