Long Shots: Tin Can Tourist Tuesday

There are times when this olelongrooffan is out and about checking out some of the “went here and saw that” kind of stuff our Hooniverse Overlords let me share with my fellow Hoons here in the World that is Hooniverse. And sometimes some of that stuff is cooler than others. Today was one of those “cooler than others” kind of days. Well at least I think so. It’s possible some of my fellow Hoons may agree.

Yeah, I had just grabbed an elcheapo burger from that place named after Dave’s grand daughter and headed down to a place in the shade to scarf that burger down with an equally as cheap diet Coke when I spotted this “Tin Can Tourist” nonchalantly parked under yet another portecachere at a local overnite establishment. (That Supra Targa was a 5 speed BTW.)
Of course that burger and sodie pop were immediately set aside as I knew that the opportunity to capture these images may not survive my eating frenzy and this olelongrooffan decided to grab these images while the gettin’ was good.
When I first stumbled upon this caravan, my first thought was of Bus_Plunge and his PrvtRN and their equally as shiny Airstream and near vintage BigBlueBurban. However, I soon realized this was no simple Airstream. No, it was much more rare than that.
Yeah, latched onto the ass end of the 36 Caddy Fleetwood was a Spartan Manor. TheGentleman Farmer and my Mom had a similar vintage Spartan out on their property in Halltown, MO, just off Route 66 for a period of time and it was as cool as this one. That one, however, was as big as Lucy and Desi Arnez’s Long Long Trailer, not nearly as nimble as this wide white wall Coker shoe wearing beauty.
This one had porthole windows in the doors, one on each side by the way, along with the square and rectangular windows showcasing the work of the tradesmen (and women?) who constructed this Manor back in the day.
Those folks, back in the day, down in nearby Tulsa, Oklahoma were proud enough of this beauty to tag it with their hometown and product name right on the ass end for every one of we Hoons to see to this day. Yeah, no faded decal for these folks.
And while this rig hails from Colorado, someone, somewhere, thinks a lot of the Corpus Christi area enough to mention the port and its profit along with that personalized tag on the tow vehicle.
“I coulda had a V8.” This olelongrooffan is sure this question has been asked before but is “Fleetwood” one of the longer running name plates? And why doesn’t Cadillac have one in its stable today? This olelongrooffan would suspect that even the millennials swilling coffee at the marketing headquarters of Cadillac in NYC would recognize that nameplate. But then what the hell does this olelongrooffan know? I just know that Fleetwood has a lot more history to me than does, what is it these days? CT6? or whatever.
But I do have this to say about that. I never knew the AACA was founded in 1935, a year prior to the birth of this classic Fleetwood.
And while I peeked through the front windows of this classic tin can and spotted the very same burled maple wood paneling that adorned Mom and Pop’s Spartan, I just didn’t feel comfortable taking an image of that paneling. It is someone’s home away from home, after all.
But know my fellow Hoons, this image will be archived for just that moment when another concave/convex window Encyclopedia Hoonatica presents itself.
Image Copyright Hooniverse 2016/longrooffan

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6 responses to “Long Shots: Tin Can Tourist Tuesday”

  1. stigshift Avatar

    What a way to travel! I just hope that Caddy has upgraded brakes…

  2. fede Avatar

    congrats to the owner for both the cadillac and the caravan! they would be great by themselves, but both together look really awesome.
    was the v16 available in 1936? i’m sure it would have no issue towing the caravan

  3. 0A5599 Avatar

    For the longest time, Cadillacs were designated by a series number, not a name. Back in the 30’s, Fleetwood wasn’t a nameplate. It started off as a coachbuilder, but it eventually became one of GM’s in-house sources for Cadillac bodies. The more deluxe Caddies were “Body by Fleetwood”, and typically lesser ones were “Body by Fisher”.
    And as long as I’m out picking nits, I feel compelled to point out that the hamburger place wasn’t named for Dave’s granddaughter. It was the namesake of his daughter, Melinda Lou Thomas.

  4. nanoop Avatar

    That’s some style, even if the driver wore some Adidas suit from the 80ies.
    Also, no investor would opt for “spartan” as a name for a luxury product, unless it’s meant to be tongue in cheek.

  5. mdharrell Avatar

    That is a truly outstanding towing mirror.

  6. Guest Avatar

    Beautiful car and trailer.

    In fact, it reminds me of Clive Cussler’s 1936 Pierce Arrow and 1937 Pierce Arrow Travelodge.

    Ah, to imagine a time when campgrounds were full of these. (Okay, that might be a fantasy, as I can’t imagine it was ever super common for people to travel like this, but it is my fantasy, damnit!)