Long Shots: The Two Toned Wonder

So, the other day this olelongrooffan was out and about doing what, I don’t remember. But I do remember seeing this beauty in the parking lot of my local beachside filling station. (When was the last time my fellow Hoons heard a gas station referred to as that? I love my ole man.) Anyway, in honor of CptSevere, I proudly share this two tone then luxury car with my fellow Hoons.

Yes, it is a LaSalle, although in the most boring Craigslist ad ever, it is referred to as a Cadillac LaSalle. This olelongrooffan will wait for Tonyola to chime in with that connection. I have seen a couple of these previously and, while interesting, nothing really struck my fancy about this marque.

Although that pitted chrome hood ornament sure has a phallic appearance to it.

But overall, this is an original car in original appearing condition. Certainly worthy of a second look by someone who has an interest in it. It’s not me though.

But I will say this about that, those old two tone cars with the body one color and the fenders another sure stand out in today’s beigeness.

This junior Cadillac has some interesting lines and I certainly hope it is sold soon. That hotel in the background, just two blocks from my Taj Mahal, is located beach front and if this ole sweetie spends to much time here at the home of the winged horse, the chrome on it will certainly pit even worse than it is already.

Sorry about the glare on the glass of the driver’s window but I thought the dashboard of this Harley Earle designed automobile is rather on the simple side. But I did notice the vents in the center of it matched the grille on the fenders out front. It has a three on the tree shifter but I’m nut sure what the button protruding from the left side of that steering wheel is. Any thoughts?

I am fairly certain that when this beauty left the assembly line during the last year LaSalle’s were produced, it possessed a little bit dressier gas cap than it is sporting these days.

And yeah, suicide doors FTW!

“Gee, our old LaSalle ran great. Those were the days.”

As you may have noticed, by way of my fellow Hoons votes, CptSevere named this new series. Thanks Man. Email me or the tips line your email addy and I’ll get with you for some swag.

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