Long Shots: The I Miss Amber Edition

Sorry for the glare on the rear window of this ole bug. I was trying to capture the two huge ass speakers behind the rear seat. This olelongrooffan can only imagine how freakin loud those things are in such a small space. What space is that my fellow Hoons may ask? Make the jump to find out.

In a post I did last week, craigsu made the comment “mmm..root beer” about a 1941 Oldsmobile I saw at a car show. It reminded me of this old bug that was spotted just a short time ago.

I’m not really sure why people tend to advertise products on their personal cars but it’s not the first one this olelongrooffan has seen. I love the car, the wheels, hell I even like root beer but there is no way in hell I’m going to advertise for them. On the rare occasion I purchase a vehicle from a dealer, I even remove their stickers and license plate frame from it.

As far as the foam going straight to the brain, it’s possible that is why this owner chose to adorn this car with all their decals and that exhaust pipe.

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