Long Shots – Here's a 1964 Corvair Monza that proves you can own an Affordable Classic

I decided to go to the 38th annual Antique Auto Meet that was held in Glastonbury Connecticut this past weekend. This show has been put together by the Central Connecticut Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) and I do postings of cars that I find desirable, as well as a few that are for sale.

How many times have you thought that you could never seem to afford one of those collectible or classic cars that you see at the shows you attend during the weekend? Well, here is a historic collectible that is not only easy to maintain, but proves that some collectibles are indeed affordable. I’m talking about this cute 1964 Chevrolet Monza Coupe…

The 1964 Corvair looked like it was about to have a watershed sales year. The rear suspension was redesigned to prevent the cars tendency to tuck under the outside rear tire while cornering, with the adverse effect of producing oversteer in certain conditions. The lineup was trimmed down to 3 body styles (Coupe, Convertible, and Sedan), and were offered with engines having an increased displacement. Horsepower was increased as well, with three options; 95HP, 110HP, and Turbocharged 150HP.

Still, the improved Corvair could not compete when the Ford Mustang arrived in April of 1964, though Chevrolet managed to sell almost 215,000 units for the model year. Because of the overwhelming success of the Mustang, Corvairs have always languished in the Collector Car Market, but I think that’s about to break.

Take a look at this gem. It is a 1964 Monza Coupe, which was near the top spec for that year. The Monda Spyder offered the 150HP Turbocharged Engine, but this particular Monza was equipped with the 110HP mid-lined flat six, coupled with a Powerglide Automatic. This was a nicely equipped Corvair for 1964 and includes a bucket seat interior, full wheel discs (part of the Monza Package), Radio, Heater, and that’s about it.

I didn’t make a note as to the mileage, but overall it looks really clean. Asking price is a very reasonable $3,000. Once again, I have all the information and phone numbers of the seller, so email me if you want to acquire this ‘vair for your own.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2012 / Jim Brennan (aka UDMan)

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