Long Shots: Chevrolet's Midsize Luxury Car

So this olelongrooffan spent this past weekend down in Fantasyland, that would be Naples, Florida, attending my beautiful daughter’s high school graduation. A Summe Cum Laude graduate and heading off to college on the campus of the Ringling Museum up in Fantasyland II. But my fellow Hoons probably don’t gve crap about that so this week’s editions of Long Shots will be from down that way.

First up was Chevrolet’s offering of a personal luxury coupe in the early 70’s.

This is, of course, a Monte Carlo. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t really marketed as a muscle car but more along the lines of it’s cousin the Pontiac Grand Prix to combat the Cougars offered by the Blue Oval and early Cordobas from MOPAR.

Having said all that, this olelongrooffan can surely bet there was a Hoon or two who ordered these Shelby style stripes to just look faster.

Or else, the repainter of this car just couldn’t afford a vintage offering by Shelby.

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