Long Shots: Another Green Beauty

This olelongrooffan was heading back to the Taj Mahal after hawking trailers all day long and I spotted this beauty in the parking lot of a local beer joint. I had to grab this grainy image of the bumper to show where the jack was to be slotted while changing a tire back in the day. It seems nearly all contemporary cars utilized this type of jacking system. What car is it? My fellow Hoons will have to make the jump to find out.

This is it. A green (seems to be a theme for Long Shots this week) 1979 Ford Thunderbird. This was the first generation of the TBird after it’s overall bulk was reduced for the 1977 model year.

It is in pretty good overall shape and the clock showed 50,439 miles. I would suspect those are original as I can’t see any Hoon restoring one of these just yet.

This one had those cool headlight covers and some killer badges on it. If this olelongrooffan saw one of these in any junkyard, and Ms. Martin hadn’t beat me to them, they would be hanging on the wall of my Taj Mahal within minutes.

All this olelongrooffan can add to this is: Two Landau windows per side and Two green vinyl roofs FTMFW!

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