Long Shots: 1960 Chevrolet Impala


So at my new gig chasing a bunch of guys around the Sunshine State persuading them to install some stairways and stair rails, this olelongrooffan spends an inordinate amount of time screaming up and down Eisenhower’s Highway System around these here parts of the good ole USA. Sometimes, however, it is possible for me to just languish about and mosey around town. Fortunately, this latter experience occurred one day last week and while down in a recently becoming revitalized area in nearby downtown Delray Beach, Florida, I happened to stumble upon this sweet looking 1960 Chevrolet Impala thought my fellow Hoons might enjoy. But making the jump is required to see more of it.


The ’60, and its near twin the 1961, were the last two years of the massive fins so popular back in the late ’50’s on nearly everything on the road. Even Mercedes had their muted versions and Dodge put some on the rear end of their sweet looking pickup truck. The reason this olelongrooffan knows this is a’60 versus a ’61? Well, in one of my On The Road posts from a whiles back, I called out a ’60 as a ’61 and was corrected, albeit very politely, by one of my fellow Hoons in the comments that the one I spotted back then was indeed a ’60 due to the curved windshield. You see, my fellow Hoons, a ’61 Chevy of this body style did not have the wrap around windshield as this one does. Yep, that information and a fin will get you a Starbucks next time you are in the need of one.


Another tidbit of information this olelongrooffan possesses that also will not earn me on red cent is the fact that, back in the day, when Chevys had round taillights, the sighting of one with three on each side was definitely an Impala while the sighting of two of them on each side was the designation of that body style as the lower spec BelAir. I think the exception to this rule was on the longroofs. This olelongrooffan doesn’t immediately recollect ever seeing a Bowtie longroof of this era with six lights out back. I’m pretty sure.


Please excuse the reflections in the passenger side window of my minilongrooff but when was the last time my fellow Hoons spotted a factory specified underdashboard mounted tissue dispenser? Or wing vent windows, for that matter?


The Impala, with its raked, rear quarter panel mounted antenna, chrome exhaust tips and dining room table sized fins seemed about seventeen miles long to this olelongrooffan when I looked at it from this angle.


And seems the checkered flag logos popularized on the Corvette seemed to make it to nearly every area imaginable throughout the Chevrolet lineup back in those days. I love the full wheel covers on this one, although I do love dog dishes as well, and the rusty and dented rim just add to this Impala’s character.


The holdover jet emblem on this side of this Impala is equally as cool as the Impala straddling the checkered flag emblem just behind it. This olelongrooffan can honestly state that should I ever see this emblem on a vehicle in one of my favorite playgrounds, it is MINE.


But this olelongrooffan has this to say about that. While that Impala and checkered flag emblem is cool, the addition of this NIXON NOW! 1960 US presidential election decal really takes the cake.

Tricky Dick reference FTW.

And for even more coolness, this olelongrooffan spotted this ole sweetie out and about and cruising down Old Dixie Highway on my way home this evening. Sadly, no image of that sighting though.

Image Copyright Hooniverse/2013 longrooffan

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12 responses to “Long Shots: 1960 Chevrolet Impala”

  1. $kaycog Avatar

    It's a beautiful car! And, yeah, that Nixon decal really makes it.

  2. GTXcellent Avatar

    Wow! Just plain wow! It's so easy to visualize this car cruising to the beach on a sunny afternoon – A smiling dad wearing a white shirt and skinny tie with a lucky strike dangling from his lip, mom wearing sunglasses and a scarf, Bobby and Suzy in the backseat with a picnic basket between them, playing "I spy with my little eye". Americana in all it's glory.

  3. bravenrace Avatar

    I was brought home from the hospital in a car identical to that one.

  4. mac350 Avatar

    This is a 59 Impala with the big horizontal fins.
    <img src="http://images.conceptcarz.com/imgxra/Chevrolet/1959-Chevrolet-Impala-image-01-800.jpg&quot; width="600">
    This is a 61 – redesigned with no fins.
    <img src="http://files.conceptcarz.com/img/Chevrolet/61-Chevrolet-Impala_DV_10_GG_02.jpg&quot; width="600">

  5. tomleemo Avatar

    looks good, but I remember the 59 fins the most.

  6. Mad_Hungarian Avatar

    I think these look better than the '59 Chev for the same reason that the '60 Cadillac looks better than the '59. Same basic design as the '59 but not so over the top. Dialed back just enough to be tasteful.

  7. joedunlap Avatar

    Another identifying mark of the 60 chevy was the jet airplane at the leading end of the belt line strip. Absolutely unmistakeable. Also, the trailing edge of the 60s fins were straight edges with a kink in the middle. The 59s were broad curves. Both were beautiful, but my favorite is the 60!

  8. dukeisduke Avatar

    Looks like it has a Powerglide, and my guess is it backs up a a 283 (it has the V in the front emblem and on the trunk lid, which indicates a V8). I love both these and the '59s. I'll bet it's original, or maybe an older restoration. The original paint quality on these cars was amazing, and they were painted with acrylic lacquer, and then sent through an oven which heated the paint, leveling it. This is probably Cascade Green, code 903.

  9. MVEilenstein Avatar

    Nice find. Love that color.

  10. mac350 Avatar

    Back in 59 & 60 Chevy had at least 9 roofline-door combinations on their big car if you count the 4-door and 2-door wagons, a delivery wagon, El Camino, convertible and 2 and 4-door hardtops and posts. That will probably never happen again in our lifetimes. Can you imagine the current Impala in more than one configuration. Add to that all the color and interior combinations and it boggles the mind.

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  12. Vanessa Pear Avatar
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